Adorable Getting Ready Robes for Your Bridesmaid

You have chosen the bridesmaid dresses that your wedding party will wear when you stand by her side on her big day, but what about what you wear before you get makeup? Bridesmaid dresses will not only help your crew to look consistent when preparing the photos, but also your party will feel cozy and special when styling and makeup. To help you check this off your to-do list, we’ve rounded up our favorite bridesmaid dresses in satin, linen, lace and more.

Colorful Striped Dresses

Do you want to organize a colorful southwest-inspired wedding? Then you definitely need these colorful striped dresses. Not only the color photography is good, but your bridesmaids will also love having you relaxing by the pool after their special day.

Dresses with tropical print

Nothing says more tropical than dresses covered with banana leaves and monster leaves! These are ideal for a wedding destination in Hawaii or seaside “I do” in Tulum.

Beachy Striped Dresses

One of the best parts of staying at a hotel is your fluffy spa dresses that you can wear. These striped beach dresses look like a comfortable and chic ready-to-wear set.

Colorful floral dresses

Floral dresses are among the most common for a ready-made look, and we know why. They are playful, seductive and look totally cute when they all fit together. If you’re hosting a spring or summer wedding, this is a fun way to incorporate your color palette and include a whimsical element before the big day starts.

Dark floral dresses

Would you like to incorporate flowers into your special day, but have an autumn or winter wedding? Don’t worry! These dark floral dresses can contain the feminine pattern while making things a little moodier.

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