Clever and Cute Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

What’s better than a Starbucks gift card ? The smart and cute Bridesmaid gift ideas on this list! We’ve put together a whole bunch of our favorite gift ideas so you can show your girls how stylish you appreciate them. Whether you’re picking an item or putting together a cute gift basket from multiple products, your besties will feel so special every time you use one of these bridesmaid gifts!

Tech Bridesmaid Gifts

Tech gadgets and accessories are a great practical and cute bridesmaid gift to get started! Your bridesmaids will love these pair of rosé gold headphones, elegant portable charges and cute-colored speakers!

Coffee kits with honey and roses

Being part of a wedding party is a big task! If you give your team a coffee gift box on your wedding day, you will show them that you like them and that they taste very good. This gift box of honey and roses is specially designed to cure your hangover, but you have many fun options to choose from. You can even have them shipped directly to your home. Bonus: You can think of them whenever you use your stunning reusable anti—spill coffee mug-it’s a gift for you and the Earth.

Tan Veg Leather Bags Perfect for your bridal Evening

To say that we love Portland leather bags as a wedding gift is an understatement. It is a gift that your bridal party will use for years to come by ordering you a perfect veg tan leather bag. This shoulder bag is our favorite, but do not sleep on other shapes, colors and options to choose from. You will get bonus points for enhancing your photos with a gift like this!

Bridesmaid Gifts For Her House

A gift for his house is beautiful and useful. Share your favorite book, perfume, a beautiful dish for your jewelry or a custom stationery to show her that you care.

A Fun devoted Subscription Bridesmaid Gift

We love the idea of having coordinated bra and underwear gifts for your wedding celebration. BootayBag gives you the opportunity to choose your sizes and styles. It’s a fun and unique option that will make your wedding day team with love far beyond your big day.

Jewelry for bridesmaids

Those who say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend have never met you! Help your bridesmaids to shine and shine with a pretty piece of jewelry, a trendy tassel or a personal trinket that they will appreciate long after the wedding is over.

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