Luxe Spring Tablescape for the Modern Bride in Lush Green


This tablescape was created as a series of three drawings to showcase the work of Sarah Harper Floral Design for her new website. We wanted this one to be very unique and attract the attention of the modern bride by mixing the old and the new world. With the table under the beautiful windows of the Bodleian library we had an excellent starting point. The key to this design was to use the plants as inspiration for each element, so it was the goal. We allowed them to be the center of attention by making glass a really important element that you can see has been used for many elements. Glass was also used for dishes, which gave a very neat appearance – the eye led to the plants. We had to elevate the design, achieve a sense of luxury, and we did this by superimposing plates and dishes and arranging the napkins in this special way. To enter the old, to represent the building and to contrast with some of the hardest components, we chose vintage silver cutlery.


The color palette here is really simple, and it is drawn only by being very strict with the selected pieces and the style that I have used. Green plants were the starting point and continued this with a softer green in the tapered chandeliers. These were placed in glass, using the glass as much as possible to complement the green and white, allowing a fresh, spring-like tablescape that delights the modern bride with a sense of nostalgia.


Sarah chose flowers for this design that were fresh, with an approach to the classic white and green color palette, with the scabious dancing being the only white flowers used to reflect my sweet and delicate style partout.Il there was a sea of greenery cascading on the table with the use of plant and floral materials while keeping the elegant and classic look.

Sarah deliberately chose glass containers to expose some of the earthy roots so that they could get to know the natural shape of the plants, while using a mixture of glass and cut glass to preserve the elegance of the painting.

A fresh scent of the mint plants has been used as a souvenir for customers who are brought back to their wedding day when they smell the fresh scent of the mint drifting gently in a cut garden. Flowers: mint, fern plants, hellebore, scabies.


Spend a lot of time to get the details only
Work with the right floral designer to get this look
Overlay glass plates and dishes with a clean napkin style to enhance the design

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