Style Tips for Boho Bridesmaids

Bring the free mood, Natural Inspiration and Vintage lace, because bohemian-inspired weddings are here to stay. It is not surprising why, how gorgeous these weddings are. Boho weddings offer an outdoor aesthetic, natural elements and are inspired by rustic and organic things. When planning a Boho wedding, you may be wondering what looks best when it comes to your specific wedding celebration. Boho bridesmaids have a plethora of options when it comes to dresses, shoes, jewelry and accessories, so the choice may seem a little overwhelming at first glance.

The good news is that you can incorporate your personal style into your Boho Bridesmaid Looks. Teasing and romantic elements of bohemian style will be loved by your bridesmaids and will make you feel beautiful on your big day.

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If you need inspiration and style tips to dress your bridesmaids for your Boho wedding, you are not alone. From bouquets to wedding bracelets and everything in between, here are some important tips.

1) be inspired by nature: Nature is a big part of bohemian style, so try to incorporate it into every part of your wedding day, including your bridesmaids’ ensembles. This applies not only to organic items such as flowers and bouquets, but also to color schemes and overall aesthetics. A nature inspired bridesmaid Look creates an effortless and relaxed feel for your wedding party.

Do your research, get out there and get inspired by Mother Nature!

2) Do not consider matching dresses: nature is not perfect and does not always match. This idea can be transposed into your bridesmaid looks by choosing bridesmaid dresses that are not perfectly matched. If you plan to choose the same style of clothes in different shades of your chosen color, you can easily realize this inconsistent trend. You can even choose different styles and dresses of different colors for your Besties. The possibilities are really endless with this clothing trend and many brides even mix it with different textures, materials, prints or patterns.

3) Let things take over: the beauty of a bohemian wedding is that not everything has to be perfect. This goes for flowers, venues and of course for your bridesmaids. For bridesmaid dresses, it’s good if the dresses are large and flowing. Overgrown flower arrangements are a good thing. Embrace the natural elements! Especially for dresses, boho-inspired styles have a kind of GRANDEZZA undone. Do not forget to dress up your bridesmaids in lace, crochet, large sleeves or even dresses of different lengths. Choosing a classic Boho style or an element in your bridesmaid dress will strengthen your overall bohemian wedding style.

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