Wedding Bouquet Lockets: The Perfect Gift for Brides

We are passion with small wedding details. We are always chatting about unique color combinations, unusual flowers and — finally – wedding bouquet Medallions. Bridal Bouquet Medallions are not only simply decorative, but also another Option for personalization on your wedding day.

With our newfound love of Bridal Medallions, we’ve partnered with Sincerely Capri to inspire couples to include these unique, high-quality, and accessible keepsakes in their wedding flowers. After the wedding day is over, these wedding bouquet medallions turn into an everyday necklace. This makes it the perfect gift. Calling all parents, siblings, couples and friends! Read on to find out more about that meaningful, unique and perfect wedding gift you’ve been looking for.

What is a bouquet medallion?

A bridal bouquet locket is a unique ornament for your wedding bouquet. They beautifully show personal photos and can be stapled directly on the bouquet. Whether you are looking for options to carry an overdue family member, friend or even a pet on your wedding day, or you want to pay to an important milestone or event like your first date, a bouquet locket is the perfect companion for your flowers and walks you down the aisle.

Sincerely Capri medallions are very special because they are fully customizable with many options for photos, engravings, Designs and even different colors. These bouquet medallions are uniquely made to seamlessly transition from a wedding bouquet to a wearable everyday locket.

When we think about medallions, we think about how difficult it is to open the shutter, and the photo never really fits. Fortunately, these sincerely Capri bridal medallions are a modern variation on the Vintage Classic. They have a magnetic cover that turns on and off easily to add a photo or a souvenir super easy to save and display. Their high-quality materials mean they are built to last – the affordability is just a Bonus.

Who is the Capri?

Sincerely Capri was founded by two lifelong friends. The founders, Steph and Reese met in high school and have remained close friends all their lives. As they continued to grow and experience the greatest moments in life together, they realized that it was always important to get a thoughtful and meaningful gift for each other. Then, they became each other’s bridesmaid and the importance of meaningful gifts reached another level.

They were looking for the perfect gift for each other, but they soon realized that most of the gifts felt dummy and did not correspond to what they were looking for. The gift had to be meaningful, meaningful, high—quality and useful – all in one. It was a great order for a gift! Instead of living with this Frustration, they decided to create the perfect modern locket to meet their own needs. Sincerely Capri was born.

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